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Felps Okra Xbtx Brush Hydrated Smooth
Felps Okra Xbtx Brush Hydrated Smooth

Felps Okra Xbtx Brush Hydrated Smooth

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Felps Progressive Okra's Brush XBTX Kit features innovative active formula for treatment, volume reduction and straightening.
Okra XBTX Felps Kit Progressive Brush acts on the hair fiber to straighten while developing resistance and strength to the hair. Smooth results from 95% to 100% in the first application. Hydrated hair strand.
Action: Okra Extract: Active that adheres to the surface of the hair to promote cuticle sealing and mass replacement and to recover the capillary structure.
Argan Oil: Very nourishing, from softness and intense shine to the hair. It also helps to protect the hair during the process.
Contains: Felps Professional XBTX Okra Anti-Residue Shampoo 1000ml/33.81fl.oz: Sanitized threads, waste removed and preparation to receive the assets of the second step without harming the hair.
Felps Professional XBTX Okra Sealant Complex 1000ml/33.81fl.oz: Smooths the hair fiber while treating it, increasing its strength and strength. Smoother, brighter yarn with sealed hydration on the hair strand..
Application: Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo and rinse well if necessary repeat the operation. Dry the hair 80%. Apply thin strands to the Sealant Complex and then remove the excess with a fine comb. Brush your hair and then flatten it into thin strands. Plank 5 to 10 times each strand.
Natural looking straight hair, hydrated, protected, resistant and with intense shine.