Adcos Filler Up Anti-Aging Toner Protects, Nourishes and Hydrates the Face 240ml/8.11 fl.oz


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Adcos Filler Up Tonic Tensor Antiaging Protects, Nourishes and Hydrates the Face Mature or devitalized Skin Vegan 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

Developed with excellent assets, Adcos Filler Up Tonic Tensor contains stimulating and firming action of the skin, and helps fight aging, protects, nourishes and moisturizes the face.

Its formula has properties with coffee extracts enriched in caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba, which improves cutaneous microcirculation and activates cell metabolism and combat the action of free radicals.

The line is ideal for those looking for a product that has nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant and stimulating action. Specially formulated for mature or devitalized skin.


Apply the tonic with the help of absorbent cotton in the morning and evening, after facial hygiene. It will not be necessary to remove. This product is excellent for preparing the skin before make-up.

ADCOS Tip: after the tonic, use the Filler Up Volumizing Concentrate, that rebalances volumes and recovers face density, reducing wrinkles and recovering firmness and tonicity. It is a cream gel with visible rejuvenating effect, ideal for treating flaccidity and firming the facial skin. It should be applied daily in the morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, massaging until completely absorbed.


Revitalized, hydrated and wonderfully soft skin.

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