Alfaparf Midollo Di Bamboo Shampoo Hair Reconstruction Recovery Cleanser 250ml/8.45 Fl.oz


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Alfaparf Midollo di Bamboo Restructuring Shampoo for fragile and damaged hair. Cleans gently while assisting in restructuring and repairing damages. Take care of your hair strand so they are strong, malleable and resistant to breakage. With a formula rich in precious minerals, Alfaparf Midollo di Bamboo Restructuring Shampoo helps rebuild even the most fragile and damaged fiber, turning it into life-giving, soft and luminous hair strand.

Action : Nanocomplexes with trace elements: they restore the mineral salts. Botanical Extracts of Bamboo: restore strength, elasticity and softness.

Application : Distribute on wet hair and scalp, emulsify with water and massage gently. Then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Result : Clean, revitalized and nourished hair.