Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Luxury Mask Treatment Hair Care 500g/17.63fl.oz


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Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Luxury Skin for dry and frizzy hair. It nourishes and revitalizes the threads while gently untangling the threads. Softens the cuticle, providing softness and radiant light. In order for your hair to be resistant to breakage, it protects the fiber by keeping it dry. Its yarns are soft and smooth, as well as healthy, lively and super soft.


Cashmere Wool Derivatives and Vitamin E: nourish the cuticles, leaving them smooth and soft, without regret.

Application: Apply the over the clean and moist yarns, evenly distributing the product with the aid of a comb. Let it act for 3 to 5 minutes and massage by emulsifying with warm water. Rinse afterwards.


Light hair, soft, nourished and shiny.