Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml/8.81fl.oz.


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Alfaparf Nutri Seductions Ultra Moist Shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Gently cleans hair strand, replenishes lost proteins, enhances hair fiber and combats dehydration of Hair strand. Your hair receives a special care of Aloe Nutrition Seduction Ultra Moist Shampoo, this because it also provides softness, shine and a soft touch. The hair strand stay clean, moisturized and healthy for much longer.

Action: Cashmere Wool and Oat Phytonutrients: Deeply nourishes hair strand and maintains controlled hydration. Hair does not lose its natural lightness.

Application : Apply shampoo evenly to wet hair. Massage by emulsifying the threads with warm water and then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the application.


Healthy, shiny and soft hair!

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