Alfaparf Rigen Hydrating Shampoo Professional Line 3.5L/118,34fl.oz


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Alfaparf Rigen Tamarind Extract Hydrating Shampoo Professional moisturizer for normal to dry hair. With moisturizing action, promotes balanced cleansing to revitalize and maintain optimal hydration of the hair.

After researching the main needs of Brazilian hair, Alfaparf Milano developed the Rigen formula. For the treatment of normal to dry yarns, Alfaparf Rigen Tamarind Extract Hydrating Shampoot has the action of Tamarind, which deeply recovers the yarns. In addition, the technology acts in synergy with the pH 3.5 that seals the cuticles and makes the hair easier to comb and silky touch.

Action:  Tamarind: prolongs hair hydration, protects hair and restores balance lost from exposure to external agents.

Application: Apply shampoo on wet hair. Massage to foam and rinse well. Repeat the operation if necessary.


Revitalized hair with balanced hydration.