Beyoung Glow Primer Rose Serum Multifunctional Color Collection Skin 30ml/1.01fl.oz


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Beyoung Primer Glow Effect Soft Rose Color Collection

Primer specially created for a daily skin care and prolonged effect with Glow Rose finish.
It has multifunctional effect that helps to highlight the best that your skin has, besides making all the preparation to receive the make-up or in the day to day.
Possessing a light fragrance and smooth formula, Glow Primer Rose promotes a sophisticated finish.
With its benefits it helps on the prolonged treatment of your skin.

With the help of the dropper, apply a small amount on the face and neck, then spread over the entire area massaging gently.

Lifting Effect
Prolong the Make
Controls oiliness
Softens the texture
Minimizes pores
Prevents aging

Prepared skin and with pink Glow effect.

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01 Beyoung Glow Primer Rose Color Collection

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