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Treatment kit for all types of hair, especially the voluminous, rebellious and frizz. Cadiveu Açaí Oil Kit Duo removes impurities, untangles and conditions. Cadiveu Açaí Oil Kit Duo controls the volume rigorously, stopping the rebellion. Besides, it provides intense shine and an incredible movement for your hair. The result is clean, nourished, silky, untangled and disciplined hair, without the appearance of uncontrolled hair.

Leave-in for frizz and unruly hair. Cadiveu Professional Açaí Oil Açaí Milk Thread Resuscitator has a thermo-activated formula that seals the cuticles of the hair, controls excess volume and provides intense shine and softness. Cadiveu Professional Açaí Oil Hair Resuscitator Milk Açaí has long lasting action that protects the hair from external aggressions, such as sun exposure, daily use of dryer, flat iron and pollution, responsible for the weakening of the hair.


Cadiveu Açaí Oil Shampoo 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Shampoo for all hair types, especially the voluminous, rebellious and frizz. Cleanses by removing impurities, keeping the hair disciplined and controlling the volume and frizz of the hair.

Cadiveu Açaí Oil Conditioner 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Conditioner for all types of hair, especially the voluminous, rebellious and with frizz. Untangled and conditioned hair, helping to align the hair fiber to reduce the appearance of rebellious hair. It also helps to nourish and restore flexibility to your hair.

Cadiveu Açaí Oil Hair Resuccinator Açaí Milk Leave-in 215ml/7.27fl.oz: Its formula enriched with Açaí Oil and Marine Collagen repairs and aligns the layer of cuticles while restoring lost hydration, besides forming a protective film that ensures the shine of healthy hair and well cared.


Açaí Oil: Repairs, moisturizes, and forms a protective film around the hair strands. Provides intense shine to the hair.

Marine Collagen: has antioxidant properties, preventing premature aging. Helps repair, align and nourish the hair strands structure. It hydrates and realigns the capillary fibers and combats frizz promoting natural shine and emollience.

Application: Shampoo: With damp hair, apply the Açaí Oil Shampoo over the entire length, massaging the hair until it makes foam. Then rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Conditioner: After washing the hair with Açaí Oil Shampoo, apply the Açaí Oil Conditioner over the damp hair lengths of the ends, massaging gently. Leave it on for 2 minutes and rinse the hair, removing the product from the hair strands completely. Finish with Açaí Oil Treatment Oil for protection and smoother all day long.

Leave-in: Spray the Leave-in Hair Resuscitator Açaí Milk on the lengths and ends of washed and damp hair and continue brushing. Do not use the flat iron.


Hair hydrated, nourished, without frizz and with shine.

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