Kit Cadiveu Shampo Conditioner Açaí Oil Shine and Nutrition 2x250ml/2×8.45fl.oz


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Kit treatment for all hair types, especially the bulky rebels and frizzy. Cadiveu Acai Oil Kit Duo removes impurities, untangles and conditions. So your hair strands are healthy, disciplined and frizz-free.

Cadiveu Acai Oil Kit Duo strictly control the volume, ending the rebellion. It also provides intense brightness and an incredible move to its hair strands. The result is a clean hair, nourished, silky, tangle-free and disciplined, without the appearance of uncontrolled hair strands.


Cadiveu Acai Oil Shampoo 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Shampoo for all hair types, especially the bulky, rebels and frizz. Clean removing impurities, maintaining disciplined hair strands and frizz and volume control hair strands.

Cadiveu Acai Oil Conditioner 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Conditioner for all hair types, especially the bulky, rebels and frizz. Untangles and conditions, helping to align the hair fiber to diminish the appearance of rebels hair strands. It also helps to nourish and restore flexibility to your hair.


Acai oil: repairs, moisturizes and forms a protective film around the hair strands. It provides an intense shine to the hair.

Marine Collagen: has antioxidant properties, preventing premature aging. Helps repair, nourish and align the structure of the hair strands. It moisturizes and realigns the hair fibers and combats frizz promoting shine and natural softness.

Application: Shampoo: With damp hair, apply the shampoo Acai Oil over the entire length, massaging the hair until foaming. Then rinse. If necessary repeat the operation.

Conditioner: After washing the hair with shampoo Acai Oil, apply Acai Oil conditioner on wet hair length tips, massaging gently. Let stand for 2 minutes and rinse the hair, removing the product of hair strands altogether.

Finish with the Treatment Oil Acai Oil for protection and more Macies throughout the day.


Soft, nourished, hydrated and frizz-free hair.

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