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Complete treatment kit for all types of hair, especially the voluminous, rebellious and with frizz. Cleanses, untangles, moisturizes and restores. Cadiveu Açaí Oil Kit Full Oil nourishes and eliminates the fright of rebellious strands.

To control the volume, Cadiveu Acai Oil Kit Full keeps the strands aligned for much longer, in addition to providing intense shine and restoring flexibility to the capillary fiber. Your hair stays clean, conditioned, hydrated and restored. With disciplined and frizz-free strands.


Cadiveu Açaí Oil Shampoo – 250ml: Shampoo for all hair types, especially the bulky, rebellious and frizz. Cleanses by removing impurities, keeping hair disciplined and controlling the volume and frizz of hair.

Cadiveu Açaí Oil Conditioner – 250ml: Conditioner for all types of hair, especially the voluminous, rebellious and frizz. Detangles and conditions, providing disciplined and shiny strands. It also nourishes and restores flexibility to the capillary fiber.

Cadiveu Açaí Oil Leave-in – 215ml: Leave-in for unruly hair and frizz. Cadiveu Professional Açaí Oil Thread Resuscitator Milk Açaí has thermo-activated formula that seals the cuticles of the strands, controls the excess volume and provides intense shine and softness.

Cadiveu Açaí Oil Treatment Oil – 60ml: Treatment oil. Restores, eliminates frizz and leaves your hair with intense shine. It also helps prevent the aging of your strands.


Acai Oil: Repairs, moisturizes, and forms a protective film around the threads. Provides intense shine to the hair.

Marine Collagen: has antioxidant properties, preventing premature aging. Helps repair, align and nourish the hair structure. It hydrates and realigns the capillary fibers and combats frizz promoting shine and emollience.

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