Cadiveu Resuscitator de Fios Açaí Oil Leave-in 215ml/7.3fl.oz


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Leave-in for undisciplined and frizzy hair. Cadiveu Professional Açaí Oil Resuscitator of Thread Milk has thermoactivated formula that seals the cuticles of the threads, controls the excess of volume and provides shine and intense softness.

Cadiveu Professional Acai Oil Resuscitator of Acai Milk Thread has long standing action that protects the hair from external aggressions, such as sun exposure, daily use of hair dryer and flat iron and pollution, responsible for the weakening of the threads.

Its formula enriched with Acai Oil and Marine Collagen repairs and lines up the cuticles coat while it restores the lost hydration, besides forming a protective film that guarantees the shine of a healthy and well taken care hair.


Acai Oil: Repairs, hydrates, and forms a protective film around the threads. It provides an intense shine to the hair.

Marine Collagen: has antioxidant properties, preventing precocious ageing. It helps to repair, align and nourish the structure of the threads. It hydrates and realigns the hair fibers and combats frizz promoting shine and natural emollience.

Application: Spray the Leave-in Milk of Açaí Resuscitator on the length and ends of washed and damp hair and follow with the brushing.


Hair free of frizz, more disciplined, with intense shine and softness.

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