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Cadiveu Acai Oil Treatment Oil 220ml

Cadiveu Acai Oil Treatment Oil 220ml

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Multifunctional treatment oil. Cadiveu Acai Oil Treatment Oil restores deeply, eliminates frizz, protects and provides extreme brightness. With natural UV filter, the color of your hair remains beautiful and life without the threat of fading. Your hair strands are light and movement.

With antioxidant power, Cadiveu Acai Oil Treatment Oil helps prevent the aging of hair strands. Her hair is restored and free of hair strands rebels and frizz, plus the hair fiber be nourished, soft and extreme brightness.


Acai oil: nourishes damaged hair, combating frizz and provides intense shine to the hair. It also has antioxidant that helps prevent hair aging.

Try Cadiveu ACAI OIL TREATMENT OIL 220ml and see the results.


Apply a small amount of oil Treatment Acai Oil naspalmas hand and then spread over the entire length of the clean, damp strands. It can also be used with dry hair.

Use Tip: It can be mixed in hydrations and colors, to protect and nourish the hair strands.

Color Shield: Add 5 drops of Acai Oil Treatment Oil in color to give a more vivid and intense color.

Antiage hydration: Mix 10 drops of Acai Oil Treatment oil for every 20g moisturizing mask and leave it for a few minutes with the help of a thermal cap.

For further hair soft, shiny and hydrated, use the Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Acai Oil Cadiveu and surprise yourself!

Tip: For best results use along the Acai Oil line rest.


Her soft hair, restored without frizz and with extreme shine!