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Complete treatment kit that promotes defined curls and waves, even light and fluffy in straight hair without chemical, rebellious or even the curly and formless. The Cadiveu Bossa Nova Camila Coelho Kit nourishes, moisturizes and controls the hair strands leaving a current and sexy look, with lots of light and shine!

It contains

Cadiveu Bossa Nova Shampoo – 250ml: Shampoo with no salt, no parabens and no sulfate indicated to enhance waves and curls in straight hair without chemical, rebels and formless. Clean without harming and enhances the wire form. It provides more defined curls and perfect waves, free of frizz.

Cadiveu Bossa Nova Conditioner – 250ml: conditioner that enhances waves and curls in straight hair without chemical, rebels and formless. Moisturizes and nourishes deeply while highlighting the wire form. The rebels control hair strands for a perfect look without frizz.

Cadiveu Bossa Nova Maxi Waves – Wave Activator 200ml: Flash Trigger waves to all hair, especially rebels, formless, smooth and without chemical curly. It provides maximum setting, control and protection to the hair.

Cadiveu Therapy Acai Acai Oil – Oil 10ml acai From: acai oil for damaged hair restoration and nutrition. Its ultra-light and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly without leaving residue. It acts on the cuticle of the hair strands which is the most damaged part on a daily basis.

It has the stamp Eco Friendly, production that fully respects nature!


Its formula is enriched with Amazon Palmeiras oils, Cationic Polymer and is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and salt, promoting nutrition and hydration intense, without damage to the hair.

Amazon Palmeiras oils: They have moisturizing, nourishing and disciplining properties, resulting in hair controlled and defined much longer.

Cationic polymers: They favor the formation of waves and curls without frizz, sealing the hair cuticle and ensuring mirror-like shine.

Try Cadiveu BOSSA NOVA CAMILA BUNNY KIT (4 Products) and see the results.


Shampoo: Apply shampoo Bossa Nova on wet hair and massage gently. Then rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner: After washing the hair with shampoo Bossa Nova, remove excess water from the hair strands gently. Apply the conditioner Bossa Nova on wet hair length of the ends, massage and rinse lightly.

Curls Activator: After washing and conditioning the hair with the shampoo and the Bossa Nova Bossa Nova conditioner, remove excess water from the hair strands gently with a towel.

Beach waves: Spray the Maxi Wave Bossa Nova length to tip the still damp strands, crush or model curls with your fingers. Let air dry or dry with the help of a dryer with diffuser.

Catwalk waves: With the hair strands 100% dry, apply Acai Therapy Oil Oil to protect the hair strands. Spray the Maxi Wave Bossa Nova length of the wire ends, holds in a low bun. Warm up with a dryer, drop and bump! A more structured effect, use a curler or the board, to create Diva waves. After this procedure reapply a small amount of Maxi Wave Bossa Nova and knead with your hands to secure the waves longer.

Finish by applying with Acai Therapy Oil Oil for maximum brightness.

Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the line Bossa Nova.


His hair gain nutrition and definition and you view amazing curls and waves all day. Hair walkway without frizz with a lot of softness and shine!

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