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Treatment kit for unruly hair, formless, smooth and without chemical curly. Moisturizes and nourishes deeply, enhancing waves and curls of hair. Controlling the volume and eliminating frizz.

It contains

Cadiveu Bossa Nova Shampoo – 250ml: Shampoo no salt, no sulfate and paraben without highlighting hair of the waves and curls naturally, with lightness and balance. Suitable for unruly hair, formless, without chemical slick, curly. Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes the hair strands promoting perfect waves and curls without regret, for a true look of top model.

Cadiveu Bossa Nova Conditioner – 250ml: conditioner that enhances waves and curls in straight hair without chemical, rebels and formless. Moisturizes and nourishes deeply while highlighting the wire form. The conditioner controls the rebels hair strands for a seamless look frizz-free for longer.


Formula free of sodium lauryl sulfate, salt and parabens, promoting effective cleaning without damaging the hair strands without harming staining. It has the stamp Eco Friendly, production that fully respects nature!

Amazon Palmeiras oils: They have moisturizing, nourishing and disciplining properties, resulting in hair controlled and defined much longer.

Cationic polymers: They favor the formation of waves and curls without frizz, sealing the hair cuticle and ensuring mirror-like shine.

Try Cadiveu BOSSA NOVA KIT DUO (2 PRODUCTS) and see the results.


Shampoo: Apply shampoo Bossa Nova on wet hair and massage gently. Then rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner: After washing the hair with shampoo Bossa Nova, remove excess water from the hair strands gently. Apply the conditioner Bossa Nova on wet hair length of the ends, massage and rinse lightly. Let it dry naturally or end with a diffuser, scrunching the hair with your fingers.

For curls and waves full of form and charm and frizz-free all day, finish with the activator Maxi Wave Bossa Nova!

Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the line Bossa Nova.


Hair nourished, soft, bright, with defined and without frizz. His hair is in curls and light and natural waves!

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