Cadiveu Maxi Ondas Bossa Nova Curl Activator Instantaneos 215ml/7.2fl.oz


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Instant wave activator for all hair, especially rebellious, shapeless, straight without chemistry and curly. Maxi Waves Bossa Nova Activator provides maximum definition, control and protection for your hair. Action Has the Eco Friendly Seal, production that fully respects nature! Amazon Palm Oils: Present moisturizing, nourishing and disciplining properties, resulting in controlled and defined hair for much longer. Cationic Polymers: They favor the formation of waves and curls without frizz, sealing the hair cuticles and ensuring mirror shine.

Application: After washing and conditioning hair with Bossa Nova Shampoo and Bossa Nova Conditioner, gently towel off excess water.

Beach Waves: Spray the Maxi Bossa Nova Waves from the length to the ends of the still wet hairs, knead or model curls with your fingers. Let it dry naturally or dry with the help of a diffuser dryer.

Walkway Waves: With 100% dry yarns, apply Acai Therapy Oil to protect the yarns.

Sprinkle the Maxi Ondas Bossa Nova from the length to the ends of the yarns, hold it in a low coke. Warm up with a dryer, loosen and wipe!

For a more structured effect, use a curl modeler or the board to create Diva waves. After this procedure reapply a small amount of Maxi Ondas Bossa Nova and knead with your hands to hold the waves longer. 


Your hair gets waves and curls sexy, shiny and very soft to the touch!

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