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Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Bleaching Powder 500g

Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Bleaching Powder 500g

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Bleaching powder for all hair types. Bleaching Powder Buriti Wicks Cadiveu is ideal for all techniques such as: Total bleaching, highlights, reflections, balayages, lights and decapagens, allowing full uniformity and regularity thanks to its progressive discoloration. It clears up to 8 tones, and has a sweet fragrance, besides being 'Dust Free', ie does not raise dust!

To guarantee the neutralization of warm shades of discoloration leaving the color with natural appearance and avoid the yellowish tone, Bleaching Powder Buriti Wicks Cadiveu contains a unique blend of violet pigments.
Its formula has fructose and buriti Extract, which provides the protection of hair strands and prevention of dryness. It also has the exclusive Anti-Yellow technology, which ensures maximum effectiveness, respect for nature hair strands and whitening in cold tones.

Bleaching Powder Buriti Wicks Cadiveu ensures lightening fast, safe, uniform and progressive.




Dust Free: does not raise dust.


Active Buriti: It is a natural antioxidant that nourishes the hair and has a protective action of the hair strands against UV rays. Rich in vitamins A and E, has emollient, moisturizing, revitalizing and softening for the hair.


Anti-Yellow: violet pigments contains, so that the tone does not become yellowish.


Try Cadiveu BURITI strands BLEACHING POWDER 500g and see the results.




Before using the product, proof of touch: prepare a little of the product as if it were using it. Apply in a small region of the forearm or behind the ear. Let stand for 30 minutes. Wash the site and wait 24 hours. If this period arise skin irritation, itching or burning on site or in nearby areas of application, the product should not be used because there is hypersensitivity to it.

Use gloves and apply the mixture with a brush, swab the swab on dry hair and according to the chosen technique.

The action time should be controlled by the practitioner according to the desired degree of bleaching.


Do not speed up the process with additional heat.

After the pause time, rinse with warm water and rinse.


Way to prepare:


Wicks outdoors: In a non-metallic container, mix ratio of 1 measurement (30g) of Bleach Powder for one measure (30ml) Emulsion Developing volumes (20, 30 or 40) suitable for the chosen technique and whitening tone until you get a homogeneous and creamy consistency. Break time at most 60 minutes outdoors or 25-30 minutes with heat source.


Wicks with paper: In a non-metallic bowl, mix in the proportion of one measure (30g) of Bleach Powder for 1.5 (45ml) or 2 (60ml) Emulsion Developing measures in volumes (20 or 30) suitable for technical and whitening tone chosen until a homogeneous and creamy consistency. Pause time within 60 minutes.


Volumagem recommendations Emulsion Revealing:


Volumes 20 - clears 1 to 3 shades;

Volumes 30 - clears 3 to 5 tones;

Volumes 40 - clears from 5 to 8 tones.

Note: The whitening varies according to the tint of the original hair and the texture of the yarn.


Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Bleaching Powder should only be used by a professional hairdresser. We are not responsible for the misuse or abuse of the product.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Buriti Wicks line.




It lets her platinum blond hair and brighter while keeping the structure of healthy hair.