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Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Developing Emulsion 900ml - 20 vol.

Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Developing Emulsion 900ml - 20 vol.

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Peroxide for all hair types. Produced exclusively for professional use, the emulsion Developing Buriti Wicks complements the coloring process and discoloration and ensures perfect and uniform results with higher tone of openness, treatment of hair strands and platinum color.

Contains Hydrogen peroxide / Hydrogen Peroxide (6%).




With the unique anti-yellow technology ensures it get cold shades such as platinum blonde, without the undesirable yellowish appearance.


Anti-Yellow: violet pigments contains, so that the tone does not become yellowish.


Try Cadiveu BURITI strands REVEALER EMULSION 900ml - 20 vol. and see the results.




Developing Emulsion 20 volumes Buriti Wicks Cadiveu is indicated for the preparation of staining and discoloration mixtures and should be used in the amount indicated in the method of preparation of products used for these processes. Before using the product, proof touch. Use gloves and apply the mixture with a brush, swab the swab on dry hair and according to the chosen technique. The action time should be controlled by the practitioner according to the desired degree of bleaching. Do not speed up the process with additional heat. After the pause time, rinse with warm water and rinse.


Volumagem recommendations Emulsion Revealing:


Volumes 20 - clears 1 to 3 shades;

Volumes 30 - clears 3 to 5 tones;

Volumes 40 - clears from 5 to 8 tones.

Note: The whitening varies according to the tint of the original hair and the texture of the yarn.


Cadiveu Buriti Wicks Oxidant should only be used by a professional hairdresser. We are not responsible for the misuse or abuse of the product.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Buriti Wicks line.




Let your discolored and brighter hair, maintaining the structure of healthy hair.