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Cadiveu Detox Protein Shampoo 320ml Pre

Cadiveu Detox Protein Shampoo 320ml Pre

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Pre-shampoo for all hair types. The Cadiveu Detox Protein protects the astringent action of hair strands shampoo, and nourish intensively. Its rich formula also restores amino acids within the hair fibers. So, your hair is healthy, strong and protected.




Technology High Tech Green natural assets and high-performance technology.


Jambu Extract: strengthen and rejuvenate the hair strands.


Amino Acid Complex: consisting of several proteins, restore and protect the hair strands.


Note: Its use is recommended before Cadiveu Detox Shampoo.


Try Cadiveu PROTEIN DETOX PRE-SHAMPOO 320ml and see the results.




On dry hair, apply pre-Protein Shampoo Detox Cadiveu length to tip in an amount sufficient to wet the wicks. Let sit on the hair strands for about 10 minutes. Then proceed to wash normally with the Detox Shampoo Cadiveu.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Detox line.




Her hair is protected from shampoo astringency, healthy, nurtured and strengthened.