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Cadiveu Detox Shampoo 250ml

Cadiveu Detox Shampoo 250ml

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Shampoo detoxifying for all hair types. The Cadiveu Detox Shampoo removes the oil and remove the flaking of the scalp. It promotes skin cell renewal, for the birth and growth of a strong hair healthy and shiny.


Note: Its use is not recommended without Cadiveu Detox Pre-Shampoo protein because it can change colors or chemical treatments as progressive and straightening.




Technology High Tech Green natural assets and high-performance technology.


Jambu Extract: strengthen and rejuvenate the hair strands.


Salicylic Acid: smart molecule that helps in detoxifying the scalp.


Try Cadiveu DETOX SHAMPOO 250ml and see the results.




Before use, I strongly recommend the application of Cadiveu Detox Pre-Shampoo protein to the sleeving.


Then, in a container, dilute 10ml Shampoo Detox Cadiveu in 50ml of water to better spread the product and not leaving residue. Apply on the scalp and massage well the region with the tips of the fingers, without the use of nails and then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the operation. Proceed using the conditioner Detox Cadiveu.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Detox line.




Your scalp is cleansed and revitalized, ready for the growth of a strong and healthy hair.