Cadiveu Detox Tonic Capillary GREEN JUICE 220ml


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Tonic for the scalp. The Cadiveu Detox Green juice detoxifies and eliminates both excessive oiliness as skin peels. It works by stimulating the growth of healthy cables and to tone and purify the scalp.




Technology High Tech Green natural assets and high-performance technology.


Jambu Extract: strengthen and rejuvenate the hair strands.


Chlorophyll, lemon, apple and Menthol: detoxifies the scalp and gives a fresh feel.


Methionine: promotes healthy growth of the hair strands.


Try Cadiveu DETOX JUICE GREEN TONIC 220ml and see the results.




After using the Pre-Shampoo Detox Cadiveu Protein, put 30ml Green Juice Detox Cadiveu in a container, and with a brush apply the product directly to the scalp. With the fingertips, massage gently for 3 minutes across the head, but without using nails. Start the massage from the back and go to the front.

Then, without rinsing, proceed with the use of multinutrient Detox Cadiveu or the Detox Shampoo Cadiveu.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Detox line.




Your scalp clean, detoxified, purified, free from flaking and healthy.