Cadiveu Hair Detox Kit Grows 2 x More Healthy and Nourished


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Kit for treating the scalp and the hair strands. It cleans, conditions and untangles the hair fibers in addition to purify the skin. The Cadiveu Detox Kit Home Care eliminates excessive oiliness and peeling. Its rich formula nutrient still treats the hair so that they are strong, soft and shiny.


It contains


Pre-Cadiveu Detox 320ml Protein Shampoo: Pre-shampoo for all hair types. Protects astringent shampoo action of cables and to nourish intensively.


Cadiveu Detox Shampoo 250ml: detoxifying shampoo to the scalp. Eliminates oil and remove the peels.


Cadiveu Detox 250ml Conditioner: conditioner for all hair types. Untangles the hair strands and conditions, ensuring nutrition, softness and strength.





Technology High Tech Green natural assets and high-performance technology.


Jambu Extract: strengthen and rejuvenate the hair strands.


Amino Acid Complex: consisting of several proteins, restore and protect the hair strands.


Essential Nutrients: made up of several vitamins, nourish the hair fibers.


Salicylic Acid: smart molecule that helps in detoxifying the scalp.



Try Cadiveu DETOX KIT HOME CARE (3 Products) and see the results.




Pre-shampoo: With dry hair, apply pre-Protein Shampoo Detox Cadiveu length to tip in an amount sufficient to wet the wicks. Let sit on the hair strands for about 10 minutes. Then proceed with the washing.


Shampoo: In a bowl, dilute 10ml of shampoo Detox Cadiveu in 50ml of water to better spread the product and not leaving residue. Apply on the scalp and massage well the region with the tips of the fingers, without the use of nails and then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the operation.


Conditioner: After washing the hair with Shampoo Detox Cadiveu, apply conditioner Detox Cadiveu on clean, damp hair, the length to tip, avoiding contact with the scalp. Gently massage lock the lock and leave it for about 2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Finish as desired.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Detox line.




Your scalp is cleansed and healthy as your hair healthy and beautiful, with softness and shine.