Kit Cadiveu Shampoo Conditioner Sol do Rio Home Care 2x250ml/2×8.5fl.oz


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Kit with shampoo and conditioner for all types of hair. Cadiveu Professional Rio’s Sun Care Daily Kit offers nourishment and restoration for soft yarn.

Cadiveu Professional Sun’s Daily Care Kit contains 21 amino acids and coconut water that penetrate the hair fiber and repair the fragile areas while sealing the cuticles with increased resistance against further damage. An anti-pollution shield protects wires from absorbing impurities from the environment for a much more silky hair with outstanding luster.

Contains: Cadiveu Professional Sun of the Rio Shampoo 250ml: cleaning without sulfate that does not dry out and repairs the fragile areas.

Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Conditioner 250ml: it deposits nutrients and amino acids inside the threads with the sealing of the protective cuticles.

Action: Amino acids and coconut water: restores the damage and gives resistance to the hair fiber against breakage while giving back the softness and radiance of healthy hair.

Application: Apply Sun Sun Shampoo to wet hair and massage the scalp and wires gently into a lather. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat washing. Distribute the Sun River Conditioner in length and tips and massage. Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse.  

Result: Care that restores hair, gives shine and provides softness.