Eico Selagem Gradativa Life Smooth Magic Gradual Sealing Hair Strand Alignment 1Kg/35.2fl.oz

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Eico Life Smooth Magic Gradual Sealing decreases wire volume and frizz. Provides highly straight, silky-trimmed hair. Smoothing treatment for natural or chemically treated yarns.
Eico Life Smooth Magic Gradual Sealing has a formula enriched with various actives that seal the cuticles to ensure a lot of discipline and intense shine. The stiff feeling goes away, as do the rebellious strands, and the softness and effect of progressively smoother strands remain.
Action: Vinegar: Returns the acidic pH to the hair and seals the cuticles.
Cysteine, Collagen and Acid Blend: Decrease volume and give smooth effect without chemically straightening, as well as giving strength and health to the hair. Chia extract, flaxseed oil and sericin: Reduce the volume and keep the wires aligned for much longer.
Application: After shampooing, apply the treatment to all wet hair and let it work for 50 minutes to 1 hour and 20. Remove the product completely with water and continue applying the conditioner. Use once every 30 days.
Yarn with less volume, intensely bright, frizz-free and progressively more disciplined.

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