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The Bath of Varnish line has in its formulation D-pantenol, linen seed and vitamin E that helps to untangle, recover, moisturize and leaves an intense shine in all types of hair. Its antioxidant and emollient action provides health, life and natural movement to the hair.
Felps Varnish Shampoo 1L/ 33.8fl.oz: Gently cleanses, recovering, moisturizing and bringing intense shine to ALL TYPES OF HAIR. Its antioxidant action provides health, life and natural movement to the hair.
1L/33.8fl.oz Varnish Bath Conditioner Felps: Conditions the hair taking all the hydration, nutrition and revitalization that the hair needs besides helping to untangle the hair without causing damages.
Varnish Bath Mask 1Kg/17.6fl.oz: Promotes shine, softness and naturalness to all hair. With antioxidant action and fights free radicals.
Apply the Shampoo on wet hair, massaging. Rinse.
After washing the hair with the Shampoo, apply the Conditioner massaging the length of the hair. Rinse.
With clean hair and the help of a comb, apply the Varnish Bath Mask from the root to the ends, let it act for 10 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.

Incredibly revitalized hair with a sensational shine.

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