Floractive Progressive Organic Nano Gel Rose Hip Essence Professional Use Hari Care 1L/33.8fl.oz


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Organic Nano Gel is a gel-based sealant with a strengthening serum, which ensures greater hold in hair. It brings the organic active of Rosa Mosqueta oil that has a powerful effect, bringing emollience and returning hydration to dry hair. It has a soft fragrance that evokes delicacy, freshness and femininity.
No need to wash your hair. Spray water to moisten the hair;
Apply Organic Nano Gel lock by lock and leave for 40 minutes to 1 hour, or as long as necessary depending on the difficulty of the hair;

After the pause time, just wet the hair to remove the excess product;

Dry hair and board in fine locks, until sealing the hair.

Note: We recommend the application always by a professional.

Straight hair with intense shine.

*Perform lock test before full application on hair*

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