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Inoar Argan Oil Hydrates w / Vitamin E Omega 6 Oil System 7ml/0.23fl.oz

Inoar Argan Oil Hydrates w / Vitamin E Omega 6 Oil System 7ml/0.23fl.oz

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Inoar Argan Oil extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree in Morocco, Argan oil has active properties known worldwide. Its raw material is produced artisanal by sustainable cooperatives of Moroccan women who, in the local culture, use the oil for diverse purposes. By adding high technology with natural properties, the Argan Oil Products line is compatible with any chemical process and acts deeply on the hair fiber. Inoar uses carefully selected technologies, resulting in hair repairing and hair care formulas, offering long-term solutions for healthy, bright and vibrant hair for longer.

Considered an exceptional natural anti-aging, Argan Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E, protects hair during chemical processes and promotes fiber renewal. It has high lubricating capacity, which returns the brilliance and flexibility that the yarns lose with the daily aggressions. Perfect for all types of hair, its raw material is handcrafted by sustainable cooperative Moroccan women, who for centuries have used oil to keep their hair moisturized and protected.


Discipline the wires. It corrects double ends, protects the wires from the heat of the dryer and the flat iron. Accelerates the brushing process.

Application: Hydration with Yarn Rejuvenation: In a container, place 20ml of Inoar Mask with 10ml of Argan Oil and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply all over the hair. The results are immediate, continuous and gradual.

Coloring: After staining, add 1 teaspoon of Argan Oil. The hair will stay hydrated and protected from dryness. The colors will be brighter and the hair more silky.

Finisher: After the hairstyle, apply 2 to 5 drops on the wires to brighten, remove the frizz and protect them from moisture. In addition to an excellent finisher, Argan Oil has the action of vitamin hydration.

Action Activated Term: Spread 2 to 5 drops on semi-moist hair, brush and plank. This speeds up the brushing process.


Healthy, shiny hair and full of life for longer.