Inoar Shampoo Bombar Coconut Hair Growth Nutrition Hydration Hair Care 500ml/16.8fl.oz


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Shampoo made for all hair types.
Inoar Bombar Coconut Shampoo helps on hair growth with strength by offering nutrition and hydration to hair fiber.

The Inoar Coconut Pump Shampoo has coconut oil, a powerful active that acts internally on the hair to leave it stronger and healthier. The formula stimulates the capillary growth in a natural way, besides helping to combat the fall.

Application Advice

Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage scalp and hair gently. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the process.

The Experts Teach

The ideal is to pass the shampoo only on the scalp, region where the oiliness that needs to be removed is concentrated. Applying directly on the length and ends can compromise the natural hydration of the hair. So, to clean the rest of the hair, to glue the locks with the foam formed at the root is already enough.

Hair more protected and stimulated to healthy growth.

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