Kit Cadiveu Finalizers Acai Milk Maxi Waves and Crystal


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Instant wave activator for all hair, especially rebellious, formless, smooth without chemistry and frizz. Bossa Nova Maxi Wave Activator provides maximum definition, control and protection of wires. Leave-in for unruly hair and with frizz.

Cadiveu Professional Acai Oil Wire Resuscitator Acai milk has a thermoactivated formula that seals the cuticles of the yarns, controls the excess volume and provides brightness and intense softness. Cristal Serum Repair for all types of hair. It is a combination of silicones that repairs the ends of the hair and eliminates frizz. It forms a protective film in the hair and provides a satiny touch and a beautiful shine.


Cadiveu Bossa Nova Maxi Waves 215ml/7.27fl.oz: Instant wave activator for all hair, especially rebellious, without form, smooth without chemistry and curly.

Caduceus Acai Oil Wax Resuscitator Acai Milk 215ml/7.27fl.oz: has a long-lasting action that protects the hair from external aggressions, such as exposure to the sun, daily use of hair and hair, and pollution, responsible for weakening the hair.

Caduceus Glamor Liquid Crystal Serum Repairer 65ml/2.19fl.oz: repairs the ends of the hair and eliminates frizz.  

Action: Bossa Nova Maxi Waves: It has the Eco Friendly Seal of production that totally respects nature!

Palm Oil Oils of the Amazon: They have moisturizing, nutritive and disciplinating properties, resulting in controlled and defined hair for much longer.

Cationic Polymers: They promote the formation of waves and curls without frizz, sealing the capillary cuticles and ensuring mirrored shine.

Caduceus Acai Oil Wire Resuscitator Acai Milk: Acai Oil: Repair, moisturize, and form a protective film around the wires. Provides intense shine to hair.

Marine Collagen: has antioxidant properties, preventing premature aging. Helps repair, align and nourish yarn structure. It hydrates and realigns the hair fibers and fights the frizz promoting brightness and natural emollience.

Caddy Crystal Serum Repairer: Formulated with high-tech silicone blends and special actives, it promotes a protective barrier on the cuticles, repairs the tips and eliminates frizz, leaving the silky touch and radiant shine to the hair.

Try AÇAÍ MILK KIT + BN MAXI WAVES + GLAMOR CRISTAL and check the results.  


Bossa Nova Maxi Waves: Beach Waves: Spray Bossa Nova Maxi Waves from length to ends of yarn still wet, knead or model curls with your fingers. Leave it to dry naturally or dry with the aid of a drier with diffuser.

Catwalk Waves: With 100% dry wires, apply Acai Therapy Oil to protect yarns. Spray the Maxi Waves Bossa Nova from the length to the ends of the wires, fasten in a low coke. Warm up with a dryer, let go and ruin! For a more structured effect, use a curly modeler or board to create Diva waves. After this procedure reapply a small amount of Maxi Waves Bossa Nova and mash with your hands to fix the waves longer.

Caduceus Acai Oil Wire Resuscitator Acai Milk: Spray the Acai Leavening Milk Restorer in the length and tips of washed and moist hair and follow with brushing. Do not use the board.  

Caduceus Glamor Crystal Serum: Apply a few drops of Glamor Liquid Crystal Repair Serum to the palm of the hand and spread it on the length and ends of dry or moist hair. Ideal to be applied after brush or flat. For even softer, shiny and moisturized hair, use Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Glamor Caduceus and be amazed!  

Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Cadiveu line together.  


Her hair repaired, soft, without frizz and with precious luster. They get waves and sensual curls, bright and very soft to the touch!