Kit Felps Clarifying Shampoo Progressive Xbtx Okra Antirresíduo Alisamento Quiabo 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Kit Felps Xbtx De Okra Progressive Brush of Quiabo 2x1L/ 33, 81fl.oz

Exclusive formula with acid blend, okra extract, argan and macadamia oils, which promote complete and long-lasting hair realignment, in a single phase.

Indicated for all hair types, incredible and immediate result only on the first application, resulting in straight, soft hair with intense and effective hydration.


Divide hair in 4 parts and secure them with hair clips.

Apply Felps starting at the lower parts and then on the upper parts, all along the hair length, evenly, always in fine locks, respecting a distance of 1cm from the root (use gloves, brush and comb)

Leave applied for 30 to 40 minutes (fragile and blonde hair) or 60 to 80 minutes (thick and resistant hair)

After the pause time, remove the product 100% for best results;

Finish with a hair dryer for faster straightening. If you prefer, flat iron 7 to 15 times, in thin locks. For hair with residues, pre-washing is recommended.


Straight and aligned hair with intense shine

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* 01 – Okra Okra Xbtx Progressive Brush 1L/ 33, 81fl.oz
* 01 – Anti Residue Shampoo 1L/ 33, 81fl.oz

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