Kit Let Me Be Btox Supreme Hair Restore Pro Repair Restores Damaged Hair Fibers 2x1kg/2×33.8fl.oz


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Let Me Be Kit promotes the repair and complete restructuring of hair fiber. In addition, it helps to promote the reconstruction and intense nutrition of the yarns, giving hair much more shine, softness, helps in reducing the volume and in the control of frizz.

The result after application is hair nourished, soft and radiant.

Contains: Let Me Be Btox Capillary Anti Aging: it is enriched with polyphenols and organic acids that conditions and nourishes the hair, improving the capillary cohesion and preserving the integrity of the hair structure.

Let Me Be Btox Capillary Pro Repair 1kg/33,81fl.oz.: has a rich formulation in coconut oil, keratin, collagen and conditioning polymer of high performance, which under thermal activation restores extremely damaged yarns.

Application: After washing the hair with the cleansing shampoo, apply the B-Btox over the entire length of the wires. Wait 20 to 40 minutes. Rinse. End with desire.

Apply Let Me Be Pro Repair on dry or damp hair wick to wick across the length of the wires. Allow a time of 40 minutes. Rinse, dry 100% and split the hair into locks. Brush and plank in fine wicks. Wash and dry to finish.


Hair with extraordinary shine, softness and reduced volume, returns the movement of the threads.

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