Kit Maxy Blend Progressive Fusão Ácidos Formaldehyde-Free Professional Use 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Kit Maxy Blend Progressive Mask & Progressive Fusão Dos Ácidos 2x1L/ 33, 81fl.oz

Maxy Blend Progressive ( Kit is the perfect solution for damaged, unruly, frizz-attacked, and voluminous hair.

Its result is a perfect alignment, with radiant shine and a beautiful natural look.


Wash the hair with Shampoo. Rinse and dry hair 80% dry.

Apply the Capillary Reconstructor and leave for 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the straightness you wish to achieve.

Remove the product from the hair under running water, pre-dry 50% of the hair and start the brushing process. After brushing, divide the hair in 4 parts and apply the flat iron. Finish as desired.


Your hair is straightened, soft and intensely shiny.

Package Contents

* – 01 Maxy Blend Acid Fusion Progressive 1L/ 33, 81fl.oz
* – 01 Maxy Blend Progressive Blond Without Formaldehyde 1L/ 33, 81fl.oz

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