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Indicated for the neutralization of the hair treated with thioglycollate and to rebalance the natural pH of the hair, closing the bridges of sulfur and eliminating any chemical residue. Allows to create in the hair the desired shape: smooth or wavy, requires mechanical

Allows relax and withdraw volume in wavy hair and model smooth hair. Compatibility with other relaxation processes (Guanidine), coloration and some degrees of discoloration in healthy hair. Action Its formula contains Creatine and Shea Butter strengthens inner keratin tips, moisturizes and has disciplining and anti-frizz action.

Smoothing: YE New Form Relaxing Thioglycolate cream is responsible for modifying the capillary structures, Thioglycolate allows to separate the bonds that form the hair. Ideal for redesigning hair creating natural smooth, extra compact or to reduce volume. Neutralization: After obtaining the desired form it is necessary to kill it, for this we must use the YE New Form Neutralizing Cream Thioglycolate that recreates the internal capillary structure being responsible for the fixation of the new form and essential for a perfectly cosmetic and bright result. Ye New Form Neutralizing Thioglycolate mecha per mecha, aligning the hair with the comb and let it act for 10 minutes, rinse like warm water.

Result : Hair of desired shape.