Kit Profissional Robson Peluquero Pó Descolorante Master Mechas 500g/16.9 fl.oz + Ox 30 Volumes Emulsão Reveladora 900ml


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Professional Kit Robson Peluquero Bleaching Powder Master Mechas 500g/16.9 fl.oz + Ox 30 Volumes Developer Emulsion 900ml/30.43 fl.oz

The Master Mechas Robson Peluquero Bleaching Powder is dust free, fast, uniform and progressive.

Developed for professional discoloration techniques, it does not harm the hair thanks to a self-protective formula effect.

The Master Mechas RP Bleaching Powder has a variety of ways of use, can be used in different ways and get the best results in any type of hair.

The line is ideal for those who wish to bleach their hair, but it is recommended to use the product together with a professional in the area.


Therefore, the dilution form can be changed. For example: when we use a 1/2 dilution ratio we have an average action time of 40 to 60 minutes.

When using a 1/1 dilution ratio we will have a doubled average action time.

When we use a 1/1.5 dilution ratio we will have an average time of action of 90 minutes.

We conclude that the diluted form of the lightening powder MASTER MECHAS RP can be altered according to the need of each hair.


Lightened and protected hair.

Package Contents

– 01 Master Mechas Bleaching Powder 500g/16.9 fl.oz

– 01 Developer Emulsion Ox 30 Volumes 980ml/30.43 fl.oz

Additional information

Weight 6.038125 kg
Dimensions 13 × 35 × 13 cm