Kit Richée Liso BB Cream Natural Smooth Effect 10 Actual Benefits 3X1L/3×33.81 fl.oz


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The Richée Professional BB Cream Kit is a capillary treatment that imparts a smooth and natural movement effect with 10 real benefits for the hair fiber.

Developed with naturally occurring hair ingredients, the Richée Professional BB Cream Kit reduces volume, repairs wire structure, controls frizz, protects against damage from heat tools, nourishes, strengthens, facilitates brushing, moisturizes, activates brightness and restores softness.

In addition to the smooth, the Richée Professional BB Cream Kit delivers deeply treated yarns and the replenishment of nutrients essential for your health.


Richée BB Cream Shampoo Anti-rust 1L: Deep cleans the wires before receiving the treatment assets.

Richée BB Cream Active 1L Reducer: imparts a smooth effect and restores essential items for capillary fiber health.

Richée BB Cream Multi Benefit Mask 1L: finishes the treatment moisturizing and nourishing the threads.

Action Amino acids: rebuild and replace the lost mass; Keratin: strengthens the capillary structure and the scales responsible for the internal protection of the threads;

Proteins: returns the mass lost during chemical processes or day-to-day aggressions, leaving the wires more restructured and full-bodied.

Try RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL LISO BB CREAM TRIO 3X1 Liter KIT and check the results.

Application : 1- Apply Richée BB Cream Anti-rust Shampoo on wet wires and gently massage the scalp, length and ends. Rinse and repeat process.

2- Shake the packaging of the Richée BB Cream Active Reducer before use. Apply wick to the ends of the wick and let it act for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the degree of curl of the hair.

3- Remove excess product with water. In hair with lights and wicks, remove completely.

4- Pre-align wires with a brush and then wipe 8 to 15 times with each wick.

5- Next, wash the wires again with Richée BB Cream Anti-rust Shampoo. Apply the Richée BB Cream Multi Benefit Mask by gloving the locks and let it act for 5 minutes.

6- Finish by brushing or plucking the wires.

Tip: For best results use together with the rest of the BB Cream line.

Result: Yarn with natural smooth effect, with movement and without frizz.