Kit Tyrrel Shampoo Mask Ultra Soft Post Chemical Treatment Moisturizing Pós Progressiva 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Tyrrel Ultra Soft Post-Chemical Treatment Kit Shampoo and Mask pH neutralization hydration for colored hair straightened with progressive 2x1L/2×35.2 fl.oz

Developed for chemically treated hair, the Tyrrel Ultra Soft Post Chemical Kit was specially formulated for colored hair, straightened with progressive or damaged by straightening irons.

Its composition promotes hair elasticity and incredible shine, besides, it promotes a fortifying action and neutralizes the PH.

The Tyrrel Ultra Soft Post Chemical Line is ideal for those who have weakened hair due to chemical processes. It promotes elasticity, PH neutralization, shine and vitality providing fortifying action.


With damp hair use Tyrrel Ultra Soft Post Chemical Moisturizing Shampoo and massage through the entire scalp. After this process rinse well and if necessary repeat the process again.

Afterwards, with clean and damp hair, apply the Tyrrel Ultra Soft Post-Chemical Moisturizing Mask all over the hair and massage gently. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse completely until all the product is removed. Finish as desired.


Hair extremely treated, neutralized and very shiny.

Package Contents
– 01 Tyrrel 2x1L/2×35.2 fl.oz Ultra Soft Moisturizing Post-Chemical Shampoo
– 01 2x1L/2×35.2 fl.oz Ultra Soft Moisturizing Post-Chemical Mask

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