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Kit Voga MC Blond for Blonde Full Perfectioner 5Un

Kit Voga MC Blond for Blonde Full Perfectioner 5Un

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Delightful strands with the perfect hue appeal! Make success with your blond hair by leaving them in perfect tonality. The Max Care Blond line nourishes and enhances the luster of the strands, removing the yellowish and orange reflection. The line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Ampoule.

Elaborated to accentuate the color of natural blond hair, discolored and gray. Enriched with Brazilian Chestnut Oil that promotes the protection, hydration and nutrition of the hair. Grape Seed Oil, with flavonoids that prevent the aging of the body and Vitamin E, powerful antioxidant and conditioning agent. Soft, silky, shiny, protected yarns with the ideal color.


Vogue Max Care Blond 280ml/9.46fl.oz Tint Shampoo: Refreshes the color of blond, gray or discolored hair. Promotes gentle cleansing of wires.

Max Care Blond Vogue Conditioner 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Enhances and protects the color of blond, discolored and gray hair giving a natural and long lasting effect.

Voga Max Care Blond 250g/8.45fl.oz Masque Mask: Revitalizes and prolongs the color of blond, discolored or gray hair, giving a natural effect.

Voga Max Care Blond Leave-in Maize 200ml/6.76fl.oz: It acts in the neutralization of yellowish tones, revitalizing the color.

Application: Shampoo: Apply on wet hair and wash lightly the first time in order to remove any residues that oppose foaming. Rinse and reapply the shampoo by massaging the scalp gently until it forms a rich, creamy lather. Slide the foam to the ends. Rinse and condition the following.

Conditioner: Apply on wet hair just after the shampoo, starting at the ends gently massaging the hair, sliding the wires between the fingers until they are perfectly clear. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse well.

Mask: With gloves, apply on clean and moist hair evenly distributed the product throughout the hair. Rinse and leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes (according to the tone of the hair the time may be shorter or longer). Rinse abundantly and finish as desired. For better performance make use of Ampola Matizadora Voga and finalize with Vogue Matizador Conditioner or Leave-In Matizador Voga.

Leave-in: Apply a generous amount on the palm of the hand distribute between the two hands and apply to the clean and moist hair, starting with the tips, more rebellious threads and the wicks that are exposed to the Sun. Comb as usual.


Hydrated hair completely, tinted with neutralized yellow tones.