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K.Pro Intense Repair Shampoo 240ml

K.Pro Intense Repair Shampoo 240ml

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KPro Intense Repair Shampoo for dry out and damaged hair. Gently cleanses hair, removing all impurities for total cleanliness.

K.Pro Intense Repair Shampoo maintains the natural moisture of hair fibers acting gently on the scalp. Leaves your hair clean, soft and shiny.


HMA Nano Keratin: Keratin consisting of 19 amino acids. Being nanoencapsulated, it becomes smaller and more specific to provide strength, shine, softness, protection and elasticity to the hair.

HMA Nano Caribbean Oil: Known as "Ojon Oil" has high levels of fatty acids, antioxidant elements and amino acids. Its properties form a film on the fiber to protect and stimulate hair reconstruction and strengthening.

Hydramae Complex: is a bioactive cosmetic composed of Oligomers of Hyaluronic Acid. Intensive action on hair weakened by chemical processes, external aggressions or natural aging. Its nanoparticles act on the cuticles filling in their fissures, reducing porosity, and on the hair cortex giving back flexibility, elasticity and long-lasting hydration.

Application Tip

Apply to the scalp and the entire length of hair, massaging gently, without entanglement. Rinse and repeat the operation.


Clean hair, with moisture maintained, soft and shiny.