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KPro PH Balancer Professional Acidifier 1Liter/33.81fl.oz

KPro PH Balancer Professional Acidifier 1Liter/33.81fl.oz

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KPro p.H. Balancer Acidifier (pH 2.5) professional for balancing p.H., sealing of cuticles, protection of the natural acid layer, neutralization of residues from chemical processes (avoiding itching and allergies).

It is an intermediate treatment for process potentiation. Ideal for all hair, it balances the p.H. and seals the cuticles. It enhances weekly hydrations returning the natural balance of the hair. Your hair becomes incredibly soft, moisturized, silky and shiny! Try also with dyes and cauterizations.

Acidifiers are essential treatment products for health, vitality and shine of your hair. Main functions of an acifier: Seal cuticles, protected and healthy hair. Greater light reflection - intense shine.

Immediate replacement of the natural acid protective layer of the hair - more hydration and silkiness. The use of acidifier is essential after chemical processes to restore the natural pH (4.5 to 5.5) and shine to the hair.


With Keratin and Natural Moisturizers that strengthen and softens the hair. Its pH 2.5 balances the hairs after the chemical processes, recovering the lightness and health instantly.

Application Tip

Remove excess humidity from the hair with your hands or towel, apply KPro pH Balancer lock by lock, leave for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.

Chemical Process: Finalize your chemical process, rinse thoroughly, remove excess moisture and apply KPro pH Balancer. Leave it to act for 3 minutes and rinse. Continue with the treatment.


Hair quickly rebalanced, smooth and shiny, with its treatments enhanced.