Lé Charmes 3 in 1 Intensy Color Juju Salimeni Platinum Pearly and Gray 200g/6.76 fl.oz


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Lé Charmes 3 in 1 Intensy Color Premium Juju Salimeni Photoprotection Antioxidant Platinum Pearly and Grayish 200g/6.76 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Lé Charmes 3 in 1 Intensy Color Matrizator tones discolored blond hair, neutralizing unwanted yellowish tones.

Its formula contains intensity, color and all the benefits contained in the best colorants. It contains pearled actives, creamy and extra emollient formulation, with natural properties that provides photo protection against UV radiation.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that promotes antioxidant action and damage prevention. It has an innovative idea that allows the natural actives to enter the deepest parts of the hair fiber.


On clean and still wet hair, add 1 measure of Intensy Color Premium 3 in 1 Matrizator with 2 measures of white cream of your preference.

Apply the Matrizator lock by lock, rubbing it from roots to ends. Leave a pause time of 1 to 3 minutes or until reaching the desired color.

Soon after, rinse thoroughly with abundant water until all the product is removed.

It can be used after discoloration of wicks, highlights and reflexes. For better color maintenance, use once a week.

Tip: Before application, always do a lock test, because the result will depend on the tone of each hair.


Hair with incredible tone, soft and shiny.

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