Let Me Be Mask Biorestore Power Mask Liquid Promotes Hydration Nutrition Máscara Líquida 240ml/8.1fl.oz


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Biorestore Power Mask is a liquid that changes into a mask in contact with water.Its immediate action promotes hydration and deep nourishment of the hair, leaving it silky, soft and shiny.Prepared with a special formula of Cotton, Jojoba, Semi Di Lino , Argan, Hazelnut and Vitamin E, a rich sum of oils to leave hair beautiful and radiant for longer.
Spray the Spray Power Mask Liquid over the entire length of clean and damp hair and leave it for 3 minutes, massaging the hair for greater absorption. Increase the mask and water dosage according to the hair size.

Extremely hydrated, soft, conditioned and extremely healthy hair.

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