Let Me Be Pó Descolorante Flash Effect White Dust Free 9 Tones Bleaching Powder 400g/14.0fl.oz


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Let Me Be Ultra Fast White Bleaching Powder Flash Effect opens up to 9 shades, contains Plex in its formulation.

It is fast and effective, gently scented, dust free and easily dispersed in hydrogen peroxide forming a creamy emulsion with excellent performance in bleaching, reflections or strands without damaging the yarn.


In a non-metallic container follow the recommended dosage for coloring or bleaching powder.


substances that may cause skin irritation of certain persons. Before use do the touch test. For Professional use only.

Touch Proof: Prepare a small amount of the product as if it were to be used. Apply a small amount to the forearm or behind the ear. Let it acts for 30 minutes. Wash the place. If within 24 hours skin irritation, redness, itching or burning appear, the person’s hypersensitivity to the product will be proven, in which case it should not be used.

Result: Desired and hydrated hair.

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