Kit Let Me Be Pó Descolorante Flash Effect White + Loção Reveladora Shiny Blond Ox 30 V.


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Let Me Be Bleaching Kit is indicated to activate staining. Its creaminess and consistency facilitate mixing with the coloring mass and dispersion of the bleaching powder and should be used in the proportion indicated in the use of both oxidizing and bleaching powder.

Provides protection and simultaneous cosmetic treatment of hydration and emollience while enhancing the action of coloring and bleach.


Let Me Be White Bleaching Powder Flash Effect Dust Free 9 Tons 400ml: Contains Plex in its formulation is fast and effective, gently scented, dust-free and easily disperses in hydrogen peroxide forming a creamy emulsion with excellent process performance whitening, reflections or strands without damaging the hair strand.

Let Me Be Revealing Emulsion Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Volumes 9% 900ml: Milk Protein enriched formula that gives hair greater strength, flexibility and smoothness.


In a non-metallic container, mix in 1 measure of Let Me Be Compact Bleaching Powder to 2 measures of hydrogen peroxide in the appropriate volume for the chosen technique to achieve a homogeneous and creamy consistency.

Apply the mixture with a brush to the desired locks. The action time should be controlled by the professional according to the desired degree of whitening. After the break time, rinse with warm water and wash your hair with shampoo of your choice.

Result: Hair with the desired tone and hydrated.

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Luiz Cláudio Ferreira
Great and easy to use!

My wife loved the Let me Be kit! Great product!