Kit Let Me Be Macadamia Shampoo Conditioner Treatment Wash 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Let Me Be Macadamia Wash Basin Shampoo and Conditioner Kit is indicated for hair care, enriched with highly emollient macadamia oil promoting intensive hydration to the hair, restructuring the hair fiber, deeply nourishing improving the combability.

It promotes intensive hydration to the hair restructuring the hair fiber, deeply nourishing improving the combability.

Action: Proteins of silk, wheat and vegetable oils: give the hair softness, silkiness and enhanced shine.

Contains: Let Me Be Macadamia Shampoo Wash Basin Maintenance Daily Use 1L / 33.81fl.oz: Gentle cleansing with creamy foam, enriched with keratin of plant origin obtained from the combination of hydrolysed cereal, oat and soy proteins that keeps hair clean and Bright

Let Me Be Macadamia Conditioner Washbasin Maintenance 1L / 33.81fl.oz: conditioning, moisturizing and protective film forming action, keeping the hair hydrated and recovered.

Application: Apply Macadamia Shampoo to wet hair and wash slightly for the first time to remove debris that opposes foam formation.

Rinse and reapply Macadamia shampoo by gently massaging the scalp until a rich, creamy foam forms. Slide the foam to the ends. Rinse and condition next.

Apply Macadamia Conditioner on wet hair, right after Macadamia shampoo, starting at the ends by gently massaging the hair by sliding the strands between your fingers until they are perfectly untangled.

Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes, with or without heat source, and rinse well.

Result: Provides unmatched shine, softness and silky hair.

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