Kit Let Me Be Moisturizing Gelatin Mask + Recovery + Biorestore 3x250g/3×8.8fl.oz


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Let Me Be Kit Schedule promotes instant treatment, nourishing and regenerating the hair fiber.

Benefits: Fortifying Treatment, Protection and Repair, Instant Reconstruction and Enriched with Argan Oil and Urea.

Contains: Let Me Be Mascara Fortifying Treatment Recovery Mask 250g/8.45fl.oz: is developed with actives that have the power to rejuvenate the hair by acting deeply on the hair fiber.

Let Me Be Moisturizing Gelatin Collagen Repository Plus Shine 250g/8.45fl.oz: It is suitable for all hair types, especially hair after straightening, coloring and discoloration, because it has Collagen in its formula that will provide greater protection, strengthening and extra shine to the hair.

Let Me Be Biorestore Masque Mask 250g/8.45fl.oz: developed with cassava extract, Argan oil, coconut oil and monoyl is an antioxidant product that takes care of the health of the hair, promoting an instant treatment, nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber improving the texture, the result will be intense shine and deep hydration.

Application: Recovery Mask: Apply to wet hair massaging strand by strand. Let stand for 3 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish.

Gelatin: After washing the hair, divide into 4 equal parts and apply the Capillary Moisturizing Gelatin, lock the lock by carefully gluing the hair, leaving it to work for 15 minutes. After the break time, rinse the hair removing all the product and finish as desired.

Biorestore Mask: Apply the Let Me Be BioRestore Mask to wet hair massaging strand by strand. Let stand for 3 minutes and rinse.


Hair with intense shine, hydrated and without frizz.

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