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Let Me Be Varnish Bath, Swoon Hair and Pro Repair

Let Me Be Varnish Bath, Swoon Hair and Pro Repair

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Kit Let Me Be has a formulation rich in coconut oil, keratin, collagen and high performance conditioning polymer, which under thermal activation restores the extremely damaged threads.

Developed with innovative technology to provide maximum shine to the hair. Its action has the power of hydration and deep nutrition since it performs a cauterization of the hair.


Let Me Be Btox Capillary Pro Repair Ultra Mask Reduces Volume 500g: promotes intense hair reconstruction and nourishment, giving much more shine, softness, helps reduce volume and control frizz.

Btox Effect: 0% formaldehyde, 100% straight, does not fade, 1 single step, does not need pre-wash and restores damaged hair.

Let Me Be Varnish Bath 500g: moisturizing complex of vegetable oils, proteins and amino acids repairs all the porosity of the fiber, leaving them soft, silky and with intense shine.

Let Me Be Swoon Hair Smooth Hair Control and Nutrition 500g: capable of reducing volume, frizz and even provide a mega moisturization to your hair.

Application Tip

Apply Let Me Be Pro Repair Mask to dry or wet hair lock by lock. Leave for 40 minutes. Rinse, dry 100% and divide hair into locks. Brush and clip into fine locks. Wash and dry to finish.

Tip: The use of the product must be done by a professional.

Apply the Varnish Bath with the wet hair in all the area of the hair distributing evenly with a comb to have better penetration of the product. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes until you notice that the product has been totally absorbed.

On wet and clean hair, apply the Macadamia mask over the whole area of the hair massaging gently, let it act for 3 minutes and rinse.

Apply the Swoon Hair with the wet hair on the whole area of the hair. With the help of a comb, spread the product until you notice uniformity in the application. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes. Rinse normally and finish as desired.


Hair with much more shine, softness and frizz control.