Light-in Alfaparf Midollo Di Bamboo Hair Combing Cream

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Alfaparf Midollo di Bamboo Recharging Leave-In for fragile and extremely damaged hair. Easy to comb, soften and repair damage. It gives strength to the hair strand, keeping them flexible and pliable, with light and bright movement. It also acts deeply, revitalizing the hair. It repairs and strengthens the internal structure of the fiber, in addition to restoring the elasticity capillary.Alfaparf Midollo di Bamboo Recharging Leave-Informs a reinforced layer on the hair strand, which protects them from external aggressions.


Extract of Bamboo, Extract of Cotton and Protein of Wheat: it guarantees the complete repair of the structure of the hair in 3 dimensions of the wire: Protein Component: Hydrolyzed Proteins repair internal damage. Lipid component: it realizes the cohesion between the cuticles and the cortex. Mineral Component: Mineral Oils promote surface integrity.

Application : Apply on clean and moist hair strand, especially at the ends. Do not rinse. Do the hairstyle.

Result : Strong, soft, shiny hair that is easy to comb.