Kit Lowell Bioplastia Reconstruction + Bálsamo Blond + Lowell Liso Mágico Fluid


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Treatment kit for damaged hair. Kit Lowell Bioplasty Home Care cleans, conditions and rebuilds the hair fiber for soft wires. Lowell Bioplasty Home Care Kit replenishes nutrients and helps maintain professional mass replenishment to prolong the reconstruction of the salon at home. Bioplasty is an innovative process that returns the suppleness, elasticity, shine and softness of the hair. With rebuilding power, it restores the lost mass of the threads and completely seals the cuticles.

It has immediate action and is indicated as pre and post any chemical treatment. Unique system that completely recovers brittle, dry and rubberized wires in just one application. Indicated for colored and discolored hair, it has UV solar protection, selective regenerative action, thermal protection and shielding to break. Thermoactivated fluid for all hair types. Lowell Keeping Liss Magic Smooth promotes smooth effect without frizz with intense softness and shine. Lowell Keeping Liss Magic Slick provides several benefits to wires while using the dryer and flat iron for perfect hair without the use of chemicals!


Lowell Bioplasty Reconstructor – Shampoo 240ml/8.11fl.oz: Cleanses, hydrates and helps preserve professional replacement treatments with shine and softness.

Lowell Bioplasty Reconstructor – 200ml/6.76fl.oz Conditioner: Preserves professional reconstruction treatments, straightens the wire and promotes shine and softness.

Lowell Bioplasty Reconstructing Cream – Hair Treatment 25ml/0.84fl.oz: It recovers the fiber and gives softness and life to the threads in just 3 minutes.

Lowell Bioplasty Blond Healing Balm – Treatment 120ml/4.05fl.oz: completely cords the brittle, dry and rubberized wraps in just one application.

Lowell Smooth Magic Keeping Liss Chemically Free 200ml/6.76 Smooth Effect: Gradual Smooth Effect – The more you use, the smoother your hair stays, protects against heat damage, blocks moisture, protects from frizz and seals the cuticles.


Flaxseed: protects the integrity of the yams with ômegas 3 and 6 and B-complex vitamins.

Application: In damp hair apply shampoo and massage until you get foam. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the application. Apply the reconstructive cream all over clean and moist hair and let it act for 3 minutes. Rinse. Apply the conditioner from the length to the tips, let it act for a few moments and rinse thoroughly.

After washing the hair with the Reconstructing Shampoo, remove excess moisture and apply the Reconstructing Fluid avoiding the root. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and finish as desired. Spray the thermoactivated fluid on clean, moist hair from the root to the tips and follow with brushing the wires. If desired, complete with the flat iron.  


Restored hair, with professional treatments preserved and full of shine and softness.

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