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Lowell High Impact Treatment 240g

Lowell High Impact Treatment 240g

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Lowell contain moisturizing and conditioning actives that form a protective film on the hair. They close the scales, restore the hair cuticle and promote shine and softness. With powerful and involving fragrance of Blueberry.

Provides treatment and protection for chemically damaged hair. Increases the shine, silkiness and flexibility to the hair, prevents the loss of water from the hair threads, moisturizing them, protecting and replacing lipids lost in washing and chemical processes, providing softness and easier combing.

Try LOWELL HIGH IMPACT TREATMENT 240g and see the results.

Application Tip

After washing your hair with the specific shampoo for your hair type, apply the to the entire length of the hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. There is no need to use heat sources. Rinse thoroughly, removing the product completely.

Tip: For daily use, leave it on for 5 minutes.


Moisturized, silky hair.