Lowell Shampoo and Condicionador Professional Use 2×2.5 L/2×84.5fl.oz


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Thinking about the day by day of beauty salons, Lowell, without giving up quality, has developed a line of exclusive use in the backwash. In a practical and economical way, the products clean and condition leaving the hair shiny, soft and perfumed.

The professional use shampoo Lowell promotes effective cleaning and hydration to the hair due to the formula being enriched with moisturizing polyquaterniums.

The conditioner allows conditioning and hydration to the hair.


Lowell Professional Shampoo for BackWash 2.5 Liters: promotes effective cleansing and moisturizing of hair due to its formulation being enriched with moisturizing polyquaterniums.

Lowell Professional Conditioner Backwash 2.5 Liters: allows conditioning and moisturizing the hair.

Application Advice

Apply Lowell Professional Use Shampoo on wet hair, massaging it until it forms an abundant foam. Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary. Then apply Lowell Conditioner.

Tip: Ideal line for cleaning and conditioning pre-cuts and / or hairstyles because it does not weigh. It has a soft fragrance and a fresh sensation.


Cleaning and moisturizing.

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