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The Special Care Violet Lowell line is enriched with violet pigments that neutralizes the unwanted yellowish tone promoting intense shine, flexibility and softness to the hair fiber, without drying.

Indicated for use 2 to 3 times a week. Provides shine and softness. Neutralizes the unwanted yellow tone. Gradual action.

Try LOWELL SHAMPOOO VIOLET PLATINUM 1000ml and check the results.

Application Tip

Apply the shampoo to damp hair and massage until you get abundant foam. Rinse until the product is completely removed. Repeat the operation.

Tip: The line is also indicated for use after Keeping Liss straightening on pearly or grayish blond hair, in order to hue the golden yellow. Use gloves. For blond hair with 8, 9 and 10 tone heights, use the Lowell Violet never the Lowell Silver Slim. For dark blonde hair with tones between 7 and 6, use Silver or mix Silver with Violet.

Caution: Contains substances that may cause skin irritation to certain people. Before use, take the touch test. May cause an allergic reaction. Do not use on eyelashes or eyebrows. Do not apply if scalp is irritated or injured. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children. Touch Test: Prepare a little of the product as if you were going to use it. Apply to the forearm or behind the ear. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash the area. Wait 24 hours and if skin irritation, itching or burning occurs in or near the area, it is proven that the person is hypersensitive to the product and, therefore, should not be used.


Hair without unwanted tones, with shine and softness.

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